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  Welcome to the Department of Behavioral Health's Website...  

Welcome to the County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health's website. This website is a tool to help meet your behavioral health and substance abuse issues. This website has been created for clients, family members, organizations and individuals to help on your journey to rehabilitation and recovery. The Access unit,  Crisis Walk In Clinics  are available at any time to answer questions about behavioral health, alcohol and drug services and crisis situations. Also, DBH Walk-In Clinics are available in each region.

Our Vision...

We envision a County of San Bernardino where all persons have the opportunity to enjoy optimum wellness, whether they have experienced mental illness, substance abuse or other addictions.

Our Mission...

The County of San Bernardino Behavioral Health Programs strive to be recognized as a progressive system of seamless, accessible and effective services that promote prevention, intervention, recovery and resiliency for individuals, families and communities.

Our Values...

We embrace the following values:
  • Clients and families as central to the purpose of our Vision and Mission.
  • Sensitivity to and respect for all clients, families, communities, cultures and languages.
  • Effective services in the least intrusive and/or restrictive environment.
  • Positive and supportive settings with state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Open and honest dialogue among all stakeholders.
  • Partnerships and collaborations that share leadership, decision-making, ownership and accountability.
  • Each other as our most valuable asset, and collectively the empowerment that this provides.
  • A well-trained and competent workforce.
  • Empowering and supporting staff in their personal and professional development.
  • Responsible use of our resources to ensure financial sustainability.

Community Spotlight


In honor of Veterans Day, DBH recognizes staff members who are also service members.

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Volunteer Services
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Information Notices
  07-05  (12/10/2007) Incentive Cards Procedure and Controls     09-03  (2/11/2009) Health Family SED Services Policy/Procedures
  08-04  (11/24/2008) Deficit Reduction Act Compliance     09-06  (3/13/2009) Referral of Clients from Contract Agencies to the Department of Behavioral Health
  08-07  (12/18/2008) Inpatient Claims for Medi-Cal Recipients with other Health Coverage     09-10  (4/8/2009) Outpatient Chart Manual
  09-001  (3/02/2009) Use of Episode Closing Codes     09-11  (5/12/2009) Approval of Promotional, Educational and/or Informational Materials
  09-01  (1/26/2009) Outpatient Chart Manual (OCM) Changes     10-03  (2/2/2010) Simon Update for Short Doyle/Medi-Cal Phase II
  09-02  (2/1/2009) Practice and Billing Guide     10-04  (2/11/2010) Certification of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Counselors
  09-002  (5/4/2009) Red Flags Rule     10-05  (3/1/2010) Medicare: Forms Update & Review Process
  10-002  (4/1/2010) Disaster and Safety Unit     10-003  (4/22/2010) Use of Electronic Signatures
10-07  (4/16/2010) Providing written communication to consumers/family members in threshold/primary languages     10-08  (05/26/2010) Adhering to Educational Regulations
  10-09  (7/14/2010) AMA Posting     10-10  (08/11/2010) JAG-OTP funds
  10-12  (9/1/2010) Threshold Language     10-13  (9/13/2010) Simon Update
  10-14  (11/15/2010) Sanctions for Certification of Excluded, Suspended or Ineligible Providers     10-15  (11/19/2010) Generic Medication
  11-01  (1/18/2011) Medi-Cal Eligibility System (MEDS)     11-02  (1/18/2011) Assembly Bill (AB) 583
  11-04  (10/14/2011) Medicare Certification Requirement     11-06  (5/17/2011) Updates to Universal Chart Data Invoice (CDI) Codes
  11-07  (5/17/2011) Scope of Practice and Billing Guide     11-08  (5/09/2011) Outpatient Chart Manual (OCM) Revision
  11-10  (6/13/2011) Medi-Cal Claims Processing Requirements When Other Health Coverage Exists     11-11  (7/20/2011) Sharing of Protected Health Information relating to Mental Health
  11-13  (7/20/2011) Authorization of Release of Protected Health Information     11-14  (Retracted) E-Verify Program For County Contractors
  11-17  (10/26/2011) Board Referral of Matters to County Staff     12-01  (1/06/2012) Requirements for Lactation Accommodations
  12-03  (07/24/2012) Clinical Re-Assessment     12-02  (7/27/2012) License Denied or Suspended for failure to pay taxes
  12-06  (12/20/2012) Outpatient Chart Manual/Initial Contact Form     12-05  (12/27/2012) Changes in Charge Data Invoice (CDI) Codes
  12-004  (1/04/2013) Prepaid Debit Cards/Bus Pass Continuous Written Log     12-006  (2/19/2013) Microsoft LYNC
  13-01  (03/18/2013) Disclosure of Ownership     13-03  (05/08/2013) DBH Library Protocol
  13-04  (04/30/2013) Accreditation of Certifying Organizations     13-05  (07/15/2013) Mental Health Plan (MHP) Contract Clarifications
  13-06  (07/02/2013) Client Index Number (CIN) Policy Enforcement     13-07  (07/15/2013) Medicare Administrative Contract Transition
  13-08  (09/13/2013) Care Necessity Form - Revision     13-09  (10/21/2013) Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) Amendments
  13-10  (10/25/2013) Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Experience Requirements     13-002  (11/20/2013) Medication Policy and Procedure
  13-15  (12/13/2013) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM V)     13-13  (12/19/2013) Updates to the Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act
  14-02  (02/06/2014) Updates to the Scope of Practice and Billing Guide     14-03  (02/11/2014) Medi-Cal Expansion
  14-01  (02/20/2014) Medicare Updates regarding ICD-10     14-08  (04/03/2014) ICD-10 Implementation Delayed
  14-002  (04/11/2014) Electrical Safety: Personal Appliances     14-05  (05/29/2014) Medi-Cal Expansion-Determining Tier III Service Eligibility
  14-09  (06/09/2014) Updated DBH Billing Forms and Reference Materials for Mental Health (MH) and Alcohol and Drug Services(ADS)     14-06  (07/01/2014) Updates to the Scope of Practice and Billing Guide
  14-10  (08/01/2014) Guidelines for Day Treatment Intensive and Day Treatment Rehabilitation Programs     14-11  (09/18/2014) Breining Institute Accreditation Termination effective August 28, 2014
  14-12  (10/27/2014) Contact by Outside State or Federal Agencies     14-004  (11/20/2014) State requirements for Treatment Authorization Requests (TAR)
  15-01  (06/02/2015) Non-use of Blood Glucometers     15-002(10/29/2015) ICD-10 Diagnosis and Procedure Code Transition New!
  15-02  (11/05/2015) Discontinuance of Procedure Code 365 New!     15-003  (11/06/2015) Pill Organizers for DBH Clients New!
  15-04 Electronic Mail (e-mail) Encryption New!      

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