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Emergency Evacuation Routes -
San Bernardino Mountain Areas

The emergency evacuation route maps listed below have been issued by MAST and MAST member agencies and organizations to help residents of the San Bernardino Mountain areas prepare for emergencies by familiarizing themselves with alternative access options to and from their homes and places of business.

Evacuation Route Map

Prepare an evacuation route map with at least two routes and drive the routes in advance of an actual emergency. Learn alternate ways out of your neighborhood in case the usual way out becomes blocked. It is critical to be familiar with all the main arteries up and down the mountain.

Click on the title of each map to view and download the associated map:

Note: The specific emergency routes employed in the case of an actual emergency will be designated by evacuation authorities based on the existing conditions, and will be communicated to residents at the time of the emergency via the fire information telephone lines or by officials directing traffic on the ground.

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