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September 2008
San Bernardino County Fire staff assists Gulfport

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A four-member County Fire Incident Management Team left for Gulfport, Mississippi at the end of August, to assist the Gulf Coast city in its recovery from Hurricane Gustav and help the community prepare for future disasters.

The team’s primary mission is to support the city’s efforts to create a written Incident Action Plan that would include a scenario based around a Category 4 or greater hurricane.

We are following through on a commitment the county made following Hurricane Katrina to help Gulfport in times of need. We have maintained contact with Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr. Gulfport has made the same commitment to us, having sent fire officials to assist San Bernardino County during last year’s wildfires.

San Bernardino County Fire Chief Pat Dennen leads the team heading to Gulfport with three objectives: Support the people of Gulfport during their greatest time of need, follow though with the promise we made to support city infrastructure after a major incident, and lastly, develop an Incident Action Plan that can be used by the city in the future.

The Incident Action Plan will be shared by Gulfport and the County of San Bernardino, and will contain specific information about each jurisdiction, including phone numbers for key personnel and maps of the city and county with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) coordinates for important public facilities.

In preparation for a major disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, we recommend that people have an out-of-state contact they can call after the incident. This is the same concept, just on a larger scale. If Gulfport has a disaster they can call San Bernardino County, and we will already have a copy of their plan, phone numbers for key personnel, and maps of the city with GPS coordinates. If we have a disaster, Gulfport will have our information.

This may be the model the rest of the nation follows for disaster planning.

The county’s relationship with Gulfport began shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005, as the county sought to provide direct relief to a fellow local government agency, and became aware of Gulfport’s plight.

The county provided nearly $70,000 worth of assistance to Gulfport, including more than $42,000 in gift cards donated by county employees to help the people of Gulfport purchase clothing, home repair items, and other essentials. The county also organized donations of surplus vehicles, power tools, generators, and other recovery tools from cities within the county and rented trucks and deployed staff to deliver the items to Gulfport in Katrina’s wake.

Three weeks after Katrina the county conducted a fact-finding mission to Gulfport. Disaster responders from the county and several cities spent time with their counterparts in Gulfport, and much of what was learned during the mission was incorporated into the county’s disaster plans.

The Board of Supervisors also passed a resolution formally adopting Gulfport, and I have continued leading the charge to assist in Gulfport’s recovery by organizing economic development efforts for the city.

The county’s relief efforts were honored with a 2006 National Association of Counties Achievement Award and the 2006 Inland Empire Red Cross Humanitarian Award.

Vote by Mail
Turnout for the November General Election looks to be record-breaking in San Bernardino County, with expectations of well over a half-million voters showing up at the polls.

Voters can avoid lines by choosing to vote by mail. Vote by Mail is easy, accurate, and secure -- and every vote is counted.

Voters can vote from the convenience of their home or office and save the money on gas by mailing their ballot. Voting at home gives voters more time to refer to information regarding candidates and measures, helping them make an informed decision.

Voters have time to review their choices for errors, such as over and under votes. Ballots are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service and can be tracked online. Voters also have the option of returning their ballot to the Registrar of Voters office or ANY polling place within the County on Election Day before 8 p.m.

Vote by mail ballots received before Election Day are the first to be counted and results are reported shortly after the polls close. Over 250,000 registered voters have chosen to become permanent vote by mail voters because of these benefits. You only need to fill out one application to become a permanent vote by mail voter and you will receive a ballot before every election. The deadline to register to vote by mail for the November 4th General Election is October 28th.

Visit www.easyvoting.org for more information.

Community Clean Up
On August 16, my staff and County Code Enforcement staff, conducted a highly successful community cleanup in Montclair. Over 133 vehicles participated and 42.75 tons of material was collected. That is approximately 8 trash trucks full. Included in the trash collected was 36 tons of trash, 4 tons of recycled tires, 1 ton of metal recycled, .75 tons of e-waste recycled and 1 ton of green waste. We were able to divert 15.75% of the waste collected from the landfill.

Thanks to my staff and County staff along with additional help provided by Burrtec Industries and Clean Earth Recycling for making the day a success.

The next community clean up will be held on October 18 at Lyle Briggs School in Chino from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. This will be the last one of the year.

San Bernardino County Fire Staff Assists Gulfport

Vote By Mail

Community Clean Up  

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