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  12/29/2010 County assesses rain damage; prepares for next storm

  12/27/2010 Assessor Announces Property Tax Relief For Flood Victims

  12/27/2010 Vacancy Election Called for 17th Senate District

  12/21/2010 County declares local emergency in response to rainfall

  12/21/2010 Swollen Creeks in Mount Baldy area

  12/20/2010 County advises residents to prepare for storms

  12/6/2010 Supervisors Ovitt and Rutherford take Oath of Office

  11/22/2010 Public Health Advisory - Barstow area water situation

  11/2/2010 Supervisors clarify role of top county executive

  11/2/2010 Board of Supervisors launches Support Our Troops drive

  11/2/2010 Midday ballot collection pilot program canceled

  11/1/2010 Early collection pilot program aims to speed up vote count

  10/12/2010 Barstow Daggett Airport Receives Airport Improvement Program Funding

  10/12/2010 Apple Valley Airport to Host Public Workshop

  10/12/2010 Chino Airport to Host Public Workshop

  10/12/2010 Chino Airport Continues to Grow

  9/21/2010 Chino Airport celebrates 70 years of soaring success

  9/21/2010 Apple Valley Air Show this Saturday

  9/14/2010 County reaches settlement with ex-Assessor consultant

  8/19/2010 Android version of county anti-blight app now available

  8/17/2010 Department gives parents chance to re-instate licenses

  8/9/2010 County highlights salary and benefit information

  7/29/2010 New county iPhone app allows residents to combat blight

  7/28/2010 County honored with 19 national achievement awards

  6/28/2010 County creates new unit to assist Board offices

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