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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched—they must be felt with the heart. ”

—Helen Keller
County Airports Perform Many Functions
Time is money, and, when a tractor–trailer hauling tens of thousands of dollars worth of goods breaks down on the I–15 in the remote Mojave Desert and needs a replacement part to get on the road again, the Baker Airport is there to help.

The tiny airport, which primarily functions as a launch and landing site for California Highway Patrol aircraft, also serves as a conduit to quickly transport truck parts to repair teams waiting to fix inoperative trucks.
Green Valley Lake General Store Revived
The closure of the Green Valley Lake General Store about two years ago left a big void in this mountain hamlet, which began as a logging camp in the early 1900s.

“The General Store has been in existence for as long as anyone around here can remember,” said Michael Sullens, who purchased, renovated, and then reopened the business in April. “To have something that is the cornerstone of your community close, it really shakes the foundation.”
Volunteer Helps with Upkeep of Preserve
When Thomas Munn moved to Rancho Cucamonga in 1985, he discovered the beauty of the undeveloped San Gabriel Mountain foothills where the cacophony of city life is muted by the sweet sounds of nature.

Munn—an avid outdoorsman—enjoyed hiking in the foothills, but he was always bothered by the disrespect of some visitors who left their trash behind or scrawled graffiti on boulders, so he often carried a trash bag with him to pick up the mess others left behind.
Constituent Files: Making Connections
One of my jobs as your elected representative is to help you communicate with and resolve problems with county agencies. The county deals with everything from aging/adult services to landfills to food stamps, so the calls for help cover a wide variety of problems.

My staff and I enjoy helping resolve an issue or breaking through bureaucratic red tape, and I will highlight some of those successes in this and future editions of the Rutherford Report.
Upcoming Events
10/06/2012 Lake Arrowhead will celebrate Octoberfest from noon to 5 p.m. in the Village with German beer, food and music every Saturday and Sunday in October.

10/09/2012 Supervisor Janice Rutherford is the featured speaker at the the Fontana Chamber of Commerce legislative speaking series from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn Fontana, 10543 Sierra Avenue. The cost per person is $35. Register at (909) 822-4433
This Month in History
10/01/1890 Congress created Yosemite National Park, which would later be declared protected land for the public’s enjoyment.

10/02/1950 Charles Schulz’s first Peanuts comic strip hit the newspapers.

10/26/1984 A 14–day–old girl known as Baby Fae received the first baboon–to–human heart transplant at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

2nd District Trivia
Last Issue’s Answer: The small airstrip that later became part of Ontario International Airport was called Latimer Field. It was named after an orange–packing company next to the airstrip.

Question: What Second District community was once known as Hunsaker Flat?
Recent Press Releases
09/17/2012 County completes 40 miles of mountain area chip seals

09/11/2012 SCAQMD releases updated statement on sulfur odor

09/24/12 The Paramedic program in San Antonio Heights is officially in service. As of September 8, 2012, San Bernardino County Fire Station 12 in the community of San Antonio Heights has Advanced Life Support capabilities.

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