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“We on this continent should never forget that men first crossed the Atlantic not to find soil for their ploughs but to secure liberty for their souls. ”

—Robert J. McCracken
Wedding Bells Ring at County Hall of Records
Most couples know they need a marriage license from the county where they’re getting married to legally tie the knot, but that’s not the only marriage service you’ll find at the San Bernardino County Hall of Records.

Last year, 3,806 couples said their vows and became husband and wife at the Hall of Records. That’s an average of about 15 marriage ceremonies every working day. The venue is averaging about 17 a day this year. Friday is the most popular day of the week to wed, averaging about 20 weddings.
Teen Volunteer Aims to Protect Environment
What started as a way to beat the summer doldrums may turn into a way of life for 18-year-old Jeff Graham of Rancho Cucamonga.

Jeff was on summer break from Vineyard Junior High School when he discovered an opportunity to volunteer at a day camp for young children at Central Park Community Center in 2006. The newly built center was just a few blocks from Jeff’s home, so he signed up and started working with kids at the camp.
Family Business Draws on Experience
Mark Monninger graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in education in the 1980s, but a lucrative opportunity selling newfangled gadgets called cellular phones sidetracked him from the classroom.

Mark enjoyed selling the phones, which contained enough electronics to fill briefcases or backpacks, and eventually he realized that a career in sales was his bailiwick.
Communities to Celebrate Independence Day
Second District communities are showing their patriotic spirit this 4th of July with events planned throughout the week. Click “More” to see a list of some of the activities taking place this Independence Day.
Conference Addresses “Designer” Drugs
During a recent conference on substance abuse hosted by Rim Family Services in Lake Arrowhead, I learned about new so-called “designer” drugs that have been infiltrating our communities and putting our youth in jeopardy.

Since then, there have been a number of high-profile news stories about the drugs and their harmful effects, and I wanted to take a moment to share information about these addictive and highly dangerous drugs.
Dragon Boats and More at Lake Gregory
Dragon Boat racing returns to Lake Gregory Regional Park in Crestline for the sixth year on Aug. 18 and 19, and there are lots of other fun-filled events taking place at the alpine park this summer, including nighttime water sliding, a junior fishing workshop, and the annual sand sculpture contest.

The Dragon Boat Races always attract a big crowd to the lake. The event pits teams of 12 paddlers against each other in a 250-meter race across the water in 40-foot long canoes, each with an ornate dragon head protruding from the bow. The competition on Aug. 18 features novice rowers, and professionals take to the water on Aug. 19.
Upcoming Events
07/02/2012 The Crestline Library located at 24105 Lake Gregory Drive in Crestline hosts free yoga classes every Monday and Wednesday at noon. Come stretch out your tensions at the library overlooking Lake Gregory.

07/14/2012 The Rim of the World Recreation and Park District will host a Family Hike at Rock Camp. This easy, two-mile hike will feature discussions about Native Americans who lived in the area. The cost is $2 per person and all hikes are limited to 20 people. For more information please call (909) 337-7275.
This Month in History
07/03/1874 Isaias Hellman formed the Cucamonga Homestead Association to sell land north of Base Line Road and west of Hermosa in Alta Loma.

07/03/1861 The Pony Express made its first trip to San Francisco.

07/05/1950 Israel passed the “Law of Return,” which guaranteed Jews around the world the right to immigrate to that country.

07/06/1854 The Republican Party was officially formed in Jackson, Michigan.

2nd District Trivia
Last Issue’s Answer: The longest elevator in San Bernardino County is in Lake Arrowhead. The elevator is 185 feet long and provides access to emergency valves beneath the lake.

Question: San Bernardino County is larger than which four states combined?
Recent Press Releases
06/19/2012 Major Mountain Projects Funded in 2012-2013 County Budget

06/12/2012 Firefighters to Conduct Home Surveys in Mountains

06/12/2012 County Stormwater Program offers car wash discounts

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