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“I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest dangers to be feared. ”

—Thomas Jefferson
Making Thrift Fashionable Again
The virtue of thrift has become synonymous with cheap stuff and miserly ways, yet this virtue—arguably one of the most needed in our current economic uncertainties—was once associated with very positive attributes such as saving and good husbandry. In fact, the word “thrift” is derived from an Old Norse word that meant thriving condition and prosperity.

Unfortunately, our consumer-driven culture has relegated thrift to a lesser virtue because it no longer seems to matter how much we have saved; what matters is what we possess, how much more can we get, and how quickly we can get it.
Turning Setbacks into Good Deeds
A string of problems turned into a rewarding, life-changing experience for Fontana resident Angie Childers.

It started about a year ago when she was living in Los Angeles. She ran a stop sign she didn’t see and got a ticket. Not long afterward, she was let go from her job as a legal secretary.
IE United Way Launches Campaign for Kids
Inland Empire United Way has launched a campaign called Challenge for Kids to get more volunteers and donors for programs and initiatives that aid disadvantaged children in our communities. Over the course of a year, Inland Empire United Way aims to recruit 1,000 volunteers to serve as mentors and tutors to young people, and it plans to raise $100,000 for children’s programs and initiatives, including providing nutritious meals and school supplies to low-income students.
Scam Targets Business Owners
Business owners who receive an official-looking letter notifying them that their fictitious business name filing has expired and to send a check immediately should double check with the San Bernardino County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk’s office before sending any payments.
E-Books Available from County Library
Avid readers rejoice.

The San Bernardino County Library now offers patrons access to hundreds of downloadable books and audio books online through the Inland Empire Digital Library.
County Budget Gap Grows
The 2011-12 budget adopted by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors earlier this year was crafted to address a $47.2 budget deficit; however, it was based on assumptions that County employees would agree to compensation concessions, which have yet to fully materialize.

The County trimmed $24.9 million from the budget through savings, cuts, and consolidations, but we still face a $22.3 million gap.
Upcoming Events
10/8/2011 The Mayor’s Jazz Jam will be held from 6 to 11 p.m. at the Fontana Community Senior Center. Call 909-822-4988 for information.

10/15/2011 Arrowhead Regional Medical Center will host a Health and Safety Fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call 909-580-3290 for information.
This Month in History
10/2/1876 The County of San Bernardino initiated a tax of $3 per capita for the purposing of building and maintaining a county hospital.

10/25/1882 The San Antonio Water Company was incorporated as the Mutual Water Company to provide water to shareholders in the valley.

2nd District Trivia
Last Issue’s Answer: Rancho Muscupiabe once encompassed the area that is now known as Devore. The name comes from the Serrano word muscupiabit, which means “place of little pines.”

Question: Who was the County’s first Second District Supervisor?
Recent Press Releases
9/20/2011 Forum Sheds Light on County Response to Prison Realignment

9/27/2011 Supervisors Move to Establish Campaign Contribution Limits

9/27/2011 MAC Meeting Sparks Further Consideration of Vehicle Restrictions on Hwy 138

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