08/30/19    Single-Story Structure Fire in San Bernardino   
08/17/19    Residential Structure Fire in Hesperia   
08/12/19    “Barstow Fire” in Lucerne Valley Fire Burns 685 Acres   
08/08/19    Ambulance Involved in Traffic Collision   
08/06/19    Havasu Lake Fire Station Fully Operational   
07/31/19    Supply Kits for Safely Surrendered Babies in San Bernardino County   
07/08/19    Fireworks Interdiction Task Force confiscates 60,000 pounds of illegal & dangerous fireworks   
06/26/19    Fireworks Alert!   
06/15/19    Off Airport Light Aircraft Crash   
06/06/19    SHOC Exercise Tests Readiness   
05/10/19    Residents Urged to Sign Up for Emergency Alerts Via Text Message and VoIP   
05/09/19    Thousands in Fireworks Seized   
05/07/19    Red Flag Community Notification   
05/06/19    Arson Awareness Week 2019   
05/03/19    READY! SET! GO! Personal Wildfire Action Program   
04/03/19    Chief Corbin to Lead High Desert Division   
04/01/19    Chief Walls Returns to Lead Mountain Division   
03/29/19    Porter to Lead SBCoFD North Desert Division   
03/20/19    Improved Public Protection Classification Rating   
03/05/19    SBCoFD Reminds You to Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries   
02/21/19    Firefighters Respond To Fatal Fire In Twentynine Palms   
02/20/19    Firefighters Rescue Dog And Tortoise From Tunnel   
02/16/19    15 People / 4 Dogs Brought To Safety After 8 Hour Night Snow Cat Rescue   
02/14/19    Victims Trapped In Victorville River Bottom Flood Waters Rescued   
02/14/19    Firefighters Rescue 13 Subjects And 2 Dogs From Santa Ana River   
02/05/19    Firefighters Save Home During Late Night Oak Hills Fire   
02/10/19    Vehicle Into House Results In Structure Fire   
02/03/19    Upland Commercial Structure Fire   
02/02/19    Firefighters and Deputies Rescue Two from Wash   
02/02/19    Flash Floods In South Desert   
01/30/19    Firefighters Save Business at 2-Alarm Fire in 29 Palms   
01/29/19    Structure Fire With Burn Victim in San Bernardino   
01/25/19    Upland Commercial Structure Fire   
01/26/19    Fire At Grow House in Hesperia   
01/29/19    Mother Surrenders Twins to Firefighters at “Safe-Haven Site”   
01/17/19    Victim Rescued From Vehicle Accident In Flood Control   
01/15/19    Hartwig taking the reins in Santa Barbara County   
01/15/19    2-Alarm Commercial Structure Fire Destroys San Bernardino Building