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ICEMA EMS Credentialing

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Verify the status of EMS personnel at the State level.

ICEMA does not provide Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) certification.

Important Notice for EMTs/AEMTs:

ICEMA is unable to provide same-day-service for EMT/AEMT State certification or recertification. Cards will be mailed to you within 14 days of receiving a complete application.

Due to changes in State regulations regarding the issuing of EMT/AEMT cards, applications may take up to 30 days to process. In some cases, additional processing time may be needed for issues related to background investigations.

Please begin your application 30 days or more prior to your certification expiration date.

EMT/AEMT State Certification through ICEMA

    Initial Certification ($145 for 2 years, includes State EMSA fee)

  • First time certification in California

     Recertification ($107 for 2 years, includes State EMSA fee)

  • EMT currently certified in California through ICEMA or other certifying entity in the State
  • Meets recertification requirements in accordance to ICEMA Reference #1020 - EMT Certification and Reference  #1010 - Advanced EMT Certification
  • Reinstatement of an expired EMT/AEMT State certification

NOTE: Changing to ICEMA from another certifying entity in the State, (such as Orange County EMS, L.A. County EMS, Riverside County EMS), an ICEMA Live Scan and additional $38 fee is required.

EMT-P Accreditation - Initial Accreditation ($120 for 2 years) and Reverification ($70 for 2 years)

MICN Authorization- Base Hospital, Administrative, Critical Care Transport and Flight ($120 for 2 years)

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