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Supervisor Paul Cook's Official Statement Opposing AB 2840

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Please read my official statement opposing AB 2840:

With the ongoing supply chain crisis, we’ve seen how vital freight movement and goods delivery is to Southern California and our entire nation. As prices for basic goods continue to rise, Assembly Bill 2840 will make this crisis even worse while simultaneously hurting working families in the logistics and construction industries.

This bill singles out San Bernardino and Riverside Counties by dismantling the counties’ local land use authority and putting us at a competitive disadvantage with the rest of the state. Traditionally, land use authority has been the purview of local governments, because those closest to the people should be the ones making decisions that have the greatest impact on their daily lives.

I strongly believe that San Bernardino County residents have a louder voice in our Board Chambers than on a videoconference with faceless Sacramento bureaucrats. This bill hurts working San Bernardino County families, strips away our residents’ local control, and silences their voices, which is why I oppose AB 2840.