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Helendale CSD Celebrates 15 Years of Serving the Community

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Congratulations to the Helendale Community Services District, which celebrated its 15th anniversary last week. Our office was pleased to present a proclamation to the CSD in honor of this very special occasion.

Since its inception, the Helendale CSD has facilitated many valuable improvements in the community. This has included drilling new wells, meter replacements, sewer system and wastewater treatment plant improvements, and the establishment of an award-winning recycling center for landfill diversion.

The CSD also developed the first public park in Helendale, complete with playgrounds and sports fields. On top of that, the board regularly hosts special community events, including Concerts in the Park, gardening workshops, paint nights and more.

Congratulations to the CSD on 15 years of accomplishments! Thank you for your efforts to improve the quality of life and sense of community for Helendale's residents.

Did you know that the First District is home to four community services districts? They include Baker CSD, Phelan-Pinon Hills CSD, Helendale CSD and Wrightwood CSD. Community Service Districts are part of California Special Districts, which allow local communities to provide a new, or a higher level, of services to their residents. Examples of CSD services include street lighting, water and garbage services, fire protection, parks & recreation, sewer/wastewater management, and more. Each CSD has five directors on its board, who are elected to four-year terms.