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County Sheriff, Fire Departments Warning About Fentanyl-Laced Counterfeit Pills

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The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and San Bernardino County Fire Department have seen a rise in the use of counterfeit prescription pills among high school teens.

The departments have also seen an increase in the circulation of the M-30 pill (Oxycodone). This pill is laced with deadly fentanyl, causing overdose deaths.

Fentanyl causes the following symptoms:
• Victim breathes slowly, or stops breathing
• Victim is drowsy or unresponsive
• Victim is snoring and you're unable to wake them
• Victim has small or pinpoint pupils

If you see these signs, immediately call 911 and say the person is suspected of having a fentanyl overdose. The longer you wait to call, the less likely the person will survive.