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SBSD Search Dogs Play Valuable Role In Recovering Evidence, Missing People

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SBCD Search Dogs

Congratulations to the four San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Search Dogs Teams who passed their water HRD recertification this month. Pictured are Jill and K9 Rubble, Jackie and K9 Jett, Diana and K9 Daisy and Terry and K9 Evie.

The Sheriff's Search Dog Team is a nonprofit Search and Rescue team under the department's Volunteer Forces. The team, established in 1991, is comprised of private citizens and their dogs, which are specially trained to recover evidence and locate missing or deceased people. The team is on call 24/7 for the department's needs.

Rigorous and constant training is involved to handle these talented canines, including live-find Area/Wilderness search, Human Remains Detection, live-find Disaster (USAR, under the jurisdiction of FEMA), and Tracking-Trailing.

Learn more about the group, or find out how to become a member, at