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Colorado River Station Urging Public to Practice Safe Boating, Swimming

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The SBCSD Colorado River Station/Needles Marine Enforcement Unit has seen an increase in injuries on our local waterways. The department is reminding the public of the dangers of boating under the influence and jumping from tall rock formations (such as Copper Canyon in Lake Havasu) into the water.

"We urge the public to use caution at all times around the water, designate a sober driver, and always wear a personal floatation device," said Deputy E. Blackard.

The department arrested 12 DUI boaters over the recent holiday weekend, issued 47 citations for boating law violations, and gave 141 verbal warnings. 

Boaters should be mindful of the following requirements and violations.

  • Transom/bow riding: All persons on board while the boat is moving shall be within the confines of the vessel. This helps decrease the risk of falling overboard and/or being struck by a propeller.
  • The blue light law requires all vessels approaching a law enforcement vessel with activated blue lights to come off plane and pass at a no wake speed. This helps ensure the safety of all persons aboard during the stop as well as reduces the chances of boat damage.
  • Carriage requirements include a type IV throwable PFD readily available, enough PFD’s readily accessible for every person on board the vessel, a serviceable fire extinguisher, and a sounding device on board.
  • It is encouraged that all persons to wear personal floatation devices while engaging in water activities
  • All California boat operators ages 16-40 years old are required to have a California Boater Education Card issued by the CA Division of Boating and Waterways. By January 1, 2025, all boaters, regardless of age, must have the card. Approved online classes run a minimum of three hours to complete.For more information go to