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County Preparing for State's June 15 Guidance

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San Bernardino County is eagerly awaiting guidance from the state as we come closer to the June 15 reopening.

"On June 15, essentially all of the restrictions will go away, but there are still some conversations about masking mandates," said the County's Interim Public Health Director Andrew Goldfrach. "Essentially, everything should go back to business as usual, pre-COVID, with the potential of some masking guidance and the size of events. More than likely, we’ll see the state closer to where the CDC is, but their guidance is still being drafted. Hopefully we’ll know in a few days."

In the meantime, the County is continuing to spread the word about vaccination availability throughout the region, thanks to partnerships with local schools and community-based organizations.

"We are really working to get vaccines to folks on the neighborhood level," said CEO Leonard X. Hernandez. "We’ve seen a bit of decline in vaccinations, so we are hoping to picks things up. We are looking at shifting some clinic hours to evenings to help folks who may have trouble getting off work." 

Although children as young as 12 can receive the vaccine, all minors must have parent or guardian permission.

County Launches Interactive Vaccination Appointment Map

Looking for a COVID-19 vaccination site near you? County of San Bernardino's new interactive dashboard will let you search for the clinics nearest to your home. Check it out here!