Improvements made along Ridgecrest Road in Spring Valley Lake

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Transportation issues have always been a priority of mine. Major projects usually get the attention. But smaller projects can make a difference, too.

Recently, traffic accidents have been reported along Ridgecrest Road just outside of Spring Valley Lake. Reports indicate the accidents have been caused by vehicles losing control on the curve while heading South/West from Yates Road, onto Ridgecrest Road.

So with permission from the City of Victorville, County Public Works crews this week cleared more space on the southbound shoulder of Ridgecrest Road for vehicles to drift into should they lose control. This allows drivers additional space to correct, versus contacting the berm that was there. Public Works recently installed delineators on this stretch of road, and additional delineators will be installed both north/east, and south of the existing delineators.

I’d like to thank Deputy Executive Officer Luther Snoke, Brendon Biggs, Assistant Director-Planning and Operations for the Department of Public Works, and their teams for their work on this project.