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Board Opposes Release of Violent Predators from Other Counties into San Bernardino County

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During Tuesday's Board Meeting, Third District Supervisor Dawn Rowe proposed a resolution opposing other county judges from placing dangerous predators into San Bernardino County.

Unfortunately, this has become too common of an occurrence, whereas San Bernardino County retains its offenders when it's time for release.

The resolution was prompted after an Orange County Superior Court judge ordered the release of sexually violent predator Lawtis Donald Rhoden into Twentynine Palms — not far from a school and a 13-year-old's residence. Rhoden's crimes include sexual assaulting and raping minors in three different states, including California's Los Angeles and Orange counties. Rhoden has no known ties to San Bernardino County. 

I strongly support Supervisor Rowe's resolution. The people of San Bernardino County resent being used as a dumping ground for violent offenders from other counties. There is a misconception that because we are a largely rural county, these offenders will be far removed from anyone they can harm. This couldn't be farther from the truth, and it's our duty as elected officials to protect our families and residents from these individuals.

I urge other County judges to stop this unfair practice and begin taking ownership and responsibility for their most violent members of society.