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San Bernardino County Hopeful to Move into Red Tier by March 22

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During Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting, San Bernardino County Public Health Director Corwin Porter shared encouraging news.

“Our current data is trending in the right direction,” said Porter. “Later this week we expect to get to 7 cases per 100,000. That’s good news. Once we get to the red tier, we have to be in that tier for two full weeks to stay in that tier. We project that around March 22 will be the magic time frame.”

Porter said that once San Bernardino County moves into the red tier, many of the current restrictions will be loosened. “Retail will be expanded, restaurants will allow indoor dining, and we’ll see gyms open inside with modifications,” he said. “The schools will also be able to reopen for grades 7-12, but it will be a district decision on how that looks.”


To date, over 375,019 San Bernardino County residents had been vaccinated. The county is waiting on news from the state about distribution of the newly approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“It’s a single dose and can be stored in a refrigerator,” said Porter. “Like Pfizer and Moderna, it helps the body temporarily make a spike protein. This triggers the immune system to learn to react defensively by producing an immune response.”

On Tuesday, the County announced that food and agricultural workers are now eligible for vaccines. Distribution sites include San Bernardino County, local pharmacies, state-run vaccine sites and private doctors. The state will allow those with severe disabilities to receive the vaccine through their personal providers beginning March 15. These individuals will not be vaccinated through the County sites since private doctors have access to each individual’s necessary medical records. School teachers and education staff are still encouraged to ask their schools if vaccine arrangements have already been made.


All vaccine appointments in San Bernardino County will soon be moving to the state's MyTurn system. To receive alerts about your eligibility, register at