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Victorville CHP cites speeding, illegal passing as cause of most High Desert traffic collisions

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CHP Victorville has released its fourth quarter figures for October through December 2020.

"Our primary cause of collisions always revolve around excessive speed," said Officer Mike Mumford. "Certain areas of complaint volume generally originate on I-15 and the Spring Valley Lake area. Collisions are very random in the High Desert area that the CHP has jurisdiction of."

According to Officer Mumford, there has been a general decrease in traffic collisions since the COVID lockdowns began in early 2020. "Our officers were able to spend more time enforcing traffic laws, which resulted in more citations issued. Of those citations issued, we saw a dramatic increase in high speed citations. We also noticed a large portion of those collisions were impatient drivers making illegal passes and traveling at excessive speeds."


Fourth Quarter 2020 (October through December)

Total Enforcement Contacts:  3558
Total Citations Issued:  2635 (Up 7% from 2019)
Total Motorist Services:  839
DUI Arrests:  90
DUI Causing Crashes:  33 (Similar to 2019 numbers)
Total Crashes:  373 (Down 12.9% from 2019)
Fatal Crashes:  12 (Unfortunately up from 8 this period in 2019)