Public Safety

  • In 2018, Supervisor Lovingood successfully advocated for $1 million in additional funding for San Bernardino County Sheriff’s operational overtime to conduct specialized crime sweeps in 2018-19. These special funds are helping the Sheriff’s Department conduct targeted enforcement operations on repeat offenders. These sweeps are a proven and effective way to keep the pressure on and deter criminals. Sheriff McMahon added deputies to gang teams and human trafficking operations.
  • While communities across California continue to struggle with the effects of AB109 and Propositions 47 and 57, which reduce criminal penalties, San Bernardino County has launched several programs aimed at reducing repeat criminal offenses. The Sheriff’s Reintegration Pilot Program provides classes and supervised work assignments for inmates nearing the end of their sentences. The “Stepping Up Initiative” is helping reduce the number of mentally ill adults in jail. Supervisor Lovingood also launched a program to systematically measure what programs are effectively reducing recidivism and which ones aren’t.
  • Earlier in 2018, the Board of Supervisors provided funding for the “New Hope” program, which helps newly released jail inmates establish themselves in a new and stable life. The all-volunteer program is managed by Abundant Living Family Church in Hesperia and provides clothing, food, cell phone access and transportation to the individuals who are released. The initial results are encouraging.
Sheriff's stopping gang member

  • Also in 2018, the D.A.’s office started a Major Frauds Unit to investigate and prosecute large, complex fraud cases. The D.A. has expanded its investigative work on cybercrimes and computer forensics through partnerships with other agencies.
  • Under Supervisor Lovingood’s chairmanship, the Board of Supervisors adopted #Vision4Safety, a campaign that aims to improve safety and emergency preparedness in San Bernardino County. The vision aims to connect residents to community policing, emergency response and disaster planning programs. Find out more at