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The Risk Control Division is comprised of 10 Risk Control Specialists with over 100 years of experience, an ADA Public Access Coordinator and clerical support. The specialists use a combination of today’s technology and methodologies, in addition to their background within private insurance companies, military services, law enforcement, waste disposal, fire districts, hospital safety, and industrial hygiene to identify, monitor and control the risk exposures of the county departments.

The objective of the Risk Control Division is to protect the assets of San Bernardino County (people, property, equipment, funds) from the chance of injury, damage, or loss. This is achieved by providing management a source of consultation, guidance, training and technical support relative to Occupational Safety and Health, Loss Prevention, Regulatory Compliance, and Risk/Hazard Analysis, while improving the conditions in which services are rendered to the public.

The following departments had no losses last fiscal year:
  • Self Governed SBIAA – 2 consecutive years
  • Redevelopment Agency

The following departments had less than 5 losses last fiscal year:
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Board of Retirement
  • Board of Supervisors
  • Children’s Network
  • Children & Families Commission
  • Clerk of the Board
  • County Executive Office
  • County Counsel
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Real Estate Services
  • Registrar of Voters
  • Risk Management
  • Self Governed IVDA
  • Veteran's Affairs
Top 4 losses of FY 2009

Top 3 Losses


  1. Repetitive motion
  2. Snowplow operations
  3. Other – not otherwise classified
  4. Lifting