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(909)387-2060 Administration Procurement Surplus Property

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Purchasing request bids?

A. After your first visit to Purchasing, your next encounter with the process may be when you receive a notification of a bid request by e-mail or postcard. Except for emergency or urgent needs, Purchasing sends out written request or notifications of where bids are posted. Request are generally of two types:
  1. For bids over $100,000 ($50,000 for professional consulting), Purchasing or the department sends formal "proposals" to the potential bidders.
  2. For bids under $25,000, Purchasing or the department sends informal bids (quotations). These quotations may be in the form of a telephone, fax, or mail quote, and are solicited from at least three prospective bidders.

Q. Where is the Purchasing Departement located?

A. 777 East Rialto Avenue in the City of San Bernardino, south side approximately 1/4 mile east of Waterman Avenue.

Q. How do I get started ??

A. After you have done the necessary research to determine that the County purchases what you sell and that it is worthwhile for you to become aware of upcoming bids, you need to register as a vendor with the County of San Bernardino Interactive Vendor Application Program.

Q. How do I bid?

A. Refer to link.

Q. What Do I do now

A. The next step is to apply

Q. How do I contact someone in purchasing?

A. Call the main number at Purchasing (909) 387-2060

Q. Can I be present when the bids are opened?

A. Yes.  The bid request notes when bids will be opened.  

Q. How do I get a copy of a bid?

A. You may visit the Purchasing Department at 777 E. Rialto Ave. in San Bernardino during office hours Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m to pick up a copy.

You can print a copy from the information on the website at Click here to follow link

Informal bids or quotations may be mailed, faxed, emailed, or telephoned to you.