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The Purchasing Department is located at:
777 E. Rialto Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0760

Map to all Purchasing Services

Vendor Help

Registration and ePro System Questions – (855) 800-5046
Commodity Codes – (909) 386-8305
Meet with a Buyer – see Buyer Contacts
Who is my Buyer – see Commodity Information
County Procurement Policies – (909) 387-2074
Other – (909) 387-2060

Buyer Contacts

Allen Sanchez387-2065 View Photo
Bill Brock387-2464 View Photo
Emily Campbell387-2061 View Photo
Gina Romo 387-2072 View Photo
Ivy Portias 386-8046 View Photo
Laurie Rozko387-2074 View Photo
Lea Radimaker387-2051 View Photo
Leo Gomez387-2063 View Photo
Michael Candelaria387-2463 View Photo
Pam Buscemi387-2233 View Photo

Employee Contacts

NamePhone Email
Julie Lamoureux387-2064 View Photo
Rey Escarzaga387-2463 View Photo
Ben Montijo387-2233 View Photo