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Frequently Purchased Commodities



Medical supplies, tools, fire safety and law enforcement equipment, automobiles, road safety supplies, clothing, food, office supplies, furniture, computer equipment, and many specialized services.

Capital improvement and public works projects, such as building construction, and systems, and road, flood control, and solid waste improvements exceeding $25,000 are awarded through a formal bid process and usually include detailed plans and specifications.

Consultant services are selected through a request for proposal process

Projects under $25,000 are competitively bid and awarded by purchase order, including building maintenance, custodial, and landscape service.

Local Vendor Preference Policy

Encourages local vendors to provide goods and services needed for County operations. This local buying fuels the economy and contributes to the strength of the community.

The County of San Bernardino has adopted a 5% local preference for vendors whose principal place of business is within the boundaries of the County. They include:

  • Vendors established and open a minimum of six months
  • Vendors who can demonstrate ongoing business activity
  • Vendors with a minimum 25% of full-time regular and management employees working from County locations(s)

Submitting a Bid

  •  Be Timely
  •  Meet all conditions
  •  Be responsive

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