Juvenile Minor Offenses

The Juvenile Misdemeanor Hearings conducted pursuant to Welfare & Institutions Code 256 transitioned to the Probation Department in 2013. These hearings address misdemeanor offences and are in lieu of a formal court hearing before a judge. This allows the court time to focus on more serious and violent offenses. Delegating this function to the San Bernardino County Probation Department has also allowed the court to reduce costs to the taxpayer. Please see also the Superior Court of San Bernardino County website and the notice posted regarding Informal Juvenile Matters.

The Citation Process

Citations are issued by law enforcement officers to minors for infractions, misdemeanors, or combinations of the two; these include shoplifting, truancy, trespassing, possession of drugs or alcohol, fighting, and disturbing the peace. Misdemeanor offenses require the minor and the minor’s parent or guardian to meet with a Probation Officer.  The Probation Officer will interview the minor and their parent or guardian, and then determine the most appropriate disposition for the offense.


Dispositions may include a variety of consequences, including victim restitution, fines, fees, community service, petty theft classes, anger management classes, driving classes, apology letters, and/or a referral to the Youth Accountability Board (YAB). If a minor is already on formal or informal juvenile probation in San Bernardino County and has an assigned probation officer, that assigned probation officer will be addressing new law violations. They will review the charges and determine the most appropriate disposition. If the minor does not reside in San Bernardino County, they will still be required to meet with a Probation Officer in San Bernardino County and then follow the appropriate disposition.