Current Openings

The San Bernardino County Probation Department appreciates your interest in our department. At this time, our department is not accepting applications for either Probation Officer or Probation Correction Officer. Until positions open, San Bernardino County Probation offers a rewarding Volunteer program, with several different types of programs. Volunteering can offer prospective employees an opportunity to learn more about the department in preparation for a career in Probation. Visit our Volunteers section for more information.

Keep notified of open positions by submitting an electronic interest card for any of the Probation positions in which you may be interested. The following is a list of some of the Probation Department’s sworn and non-sworn positions:

Probation Cook I Probation Corrections Officer Trainee
Probation Cook II Probation Corrections Officer-12 Hour Shift
Probation Food Service Manager Probation Corrections Officer
Probation Food Service Supervisor Probation Corrections Supervisor I
Probation Food Service Worker Probation Transportation Officer
Probation Health Services Manager Probation Officer I
Office Assistant II Probation Officer II
Office Assistant III Probation Officer III
  Probation Division Director I
  Probation Division Director II
  Supervising Probation Officer

The County only accepts applications for positions for which we are currently recruiting. To view current recruitments, visit the Current Openings page. You can complete an online interest card for jobs which are not currently open by clicking on "e-mail me when jobs like this become available" link at the top of the class specification. You will be notified when a position for the selected classification is posted.