Treatment - Gateway
At Regional Youth Educational Facility
740 East Gilbert Street
San Bernardino, CA 92415
Phone (909) 387-6933

Gateway at RYEF is a residential program that provides rehabilitation to youth that are committed to the program by Juvenile Court. Gateway at RYEF provides 24-hour supervision for a capacity of 20 male minors between the ages of 15 ½ and 19.

The youth are guided through the program by Probation staff. The Probation staff emulates professional mentors and role models that coach, counsel, and give therapeutic support to the youth in the absence of their families. The Probation staff is also the main source of security at the facility.

Full time teachers, instructional aides, and a resource specialist, under the direction of San Bernardino County Schools, provide a year-round academic program. A diverse curriculum is provided to meet the individual Education Plans, and for those requiring evaluations. The minors can earn credits towards their high school diploma or complete a GED.

Registered nurses are on the premises seven days a week to provide medical assistance to the youth and dispense medications. The nurses are also responsible for approving and facilitating off-site medical appointments.

Mental Health
Mental Health professionals work with the youth and their families toward reunification by providing family counseling, crisis intervention, and psychological evaluation and treatment.

Gateway at RYEF offers several evidence-based programs that provide therapeutic and cognitive behavioral treatment for the youth.

  • ART (Aggression Replacement Training)
    ART promotes pro-social behavior and addresses impulsiveness and over –reliance on aggression through Skill streaming, Anger Control and Moral Reasoning components
  • MATRIX (Substance Abuse Program)
    Matrix adapts to individual needs and utilizes therapist support, group and individual participation, and relapse prevention and education to create an optimal treatment environment for youth with drug and alcohol problems.
    Parenting classes address the importance of fatherhood, responsibility, having a healthy relationship with the child’s mother, raising an emotionally healthy child, building character, discipline, and becoming an emotionally healthy parent.
  • PHOENIX (Gang Intervention Curriculum)

Employment Preparation and Placement
Gateway at REYF contracts with the Department of Workforce Development to provide career counseling, skill enhancement, and comprehensive job preparation and placements services. Programs include:

  • ROTC
  • Job Corps/California Conservation Corps
  • Loma Linda Dental School Services
  • Barber/ hair Stylist School

Home Furlough
The most prominent goal of Gateway at RYEF is to successfully reunify the youth with their families and the community. The youth earn home passes once they have gained stability and have displayed positive performance within the program.

Community Service
Each youth must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service while at Gateway at RYEF.
Programs include:

  • Gardening and Miscellaneous Clean-ups for Gateway at RYEF
  • Crocheting Blankets for the elderly
  • Community Clean-ups
  • Arts and crafts for hospitalized patients
  • Puppet Shows at Convalescent Homes and Preschools

Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
ROP provides the youth with hands-on experience in forestry, construction, landscape architecture, heavy equipment operation, contracting, surveying, and many other fields.

Additional Services
Additional services offered to youth in the program are:

  • GED and Community College Classes
  • Recreation
  • Assessment Services
  • Computer Skills Training
  • Religious Services
  • Literacy Program
  • ROP classes at local high schools