Message From the Chief Probation Officer
Picture of Chief Probation Officer Michelle Scray Brown On behalf of the dedicated men and women of the San Bernardino County Probation Department, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our department’s website. As the County’s Chief Probation Officer, I am proud to lead a staff of approximately 1200 corrections professionals who strive to keep San Bernardino County a safe and wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.

It is our mission to protect the community through the vigilant enforcement of probation terms; assessment, treatment and control of adult and juvenile offenders; and intervention with at-risk youth and criminally oriented adults. We do so through a wide range of enforcement and crime suppression activities, and by providing effective services based upon legal requirements and recognized professional standards.

The San Bernardino County Probation Department supervises and provides case management services for approximately 20,000 adult offenders, 3500 juvenile offenders, and an additional 500 juveniles detained in three detention and assessment centers and one placement facility operated by our department. We oversee the placement of over 200 juveniles in private facilities throughout the state. Our officers act as an investigative arm of the San Bernardino Superior and Juvenile Courts, providing sentencing reports and legal recommendations, evaluations, and victim’s services.

In recognition of the unique problems associated with some criminal behavior, while working to protect our citizens from the most dangerous types of crime and/or the most difficult offenders, we operate several specialized units. These include a:

  • Sex Offender Unit
  • Gang Unit/Crime Impact Team
  • Domestic Violence Unit
  • DUI Unit
  • Gender Supervision Unit
  • Mental Health Unit
  • Drug Treatment Programs
  • Department of Juvenile Justice Adjudicated Youth Unit – Gateway

Our objective is to maintain an effective balance between the enforcement of laws and court orders, and the treatment of the causes of delinquency and criminal conduct. Persons who come under the jurisdiction of our department receive a thorough assessment of their risk to the community, and the types of sanctions and services most likely to redirect them into becoming productive members of society.

The probation department works toward these goals in a collaborative effort with many other county, state and federal agencies. We are one element of a law and justice system that must work together to service this county.

This is an exceptional agency because we continue to set high standards for ourselves. In the spirit of “evidence-based practice,” we recently established a research unit to collect statistics, extrapolate data, and ensure that our programs and services remain effective. We continuously inspect our procedures and processes to guarantee the most professional delivery of service. Our officers engage in some of the most rigorous, intensive training of any correctional agency in the state.

2009 marks the centennial anniversary of the San Bernardino County Probation Department. I want the citizens of our county to know that from humble beginnings, we have grown into a premier correctional agency. We look forward to entering our second century of unparalleled community protection and innovative programming.

Whether you are visiting this website for specific information, want to learn more about probation in San Bernardino County, or you are interested in becoming part of our team… I welcome you.

Michelle Scray Brown
Chief Probation Officer