Annual Report

Every fiscal year, the San Bernardino County Probation Department compiles an in-depth report entitled Annual Report. This report introduces the public to fiscal, administrative and bureau operations of the department, and provides information about special programs and statistics gained through evidence-based practices. Due to the large size of this pdf document, the attached Annual Report will take some time to download.

2013-14 Annual Report (14.58 mb)

2012-13 Annual Report (8.04 mb)

2011-12 Annual Report (6.52 mb)

2010-11 Annual Report (2.61 mb)

2009-10 Annual Report (1.16 mb)

2008-09 Annual Report (4.54 mb)

2007-08 Annual Report (2.41 mb)

2006-07 Annual Report (3.42 mb)