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Supervisor Gary C. Ovitt kicks off a new Prescription Drug Disposal Program in Chino Hills

Tom King Aerial named Supervisor Ovitt’s Small Business of the Month

Highlighted County Service for September: The San Bernardino County Grants Office

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Main Office:
385 N Arrowhead Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92415

Chino Hills District Office:
14010 City Center Drive
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Staff Members:
Larry Enriquez,
Chief of Staff

Joy Chadwick,
Deputy Chief of Staff

Brian Johsz,
District Director

Annette Taylor,
Executive Secretary

Roman Nava,
Small Business Liason

Jeanna Williams,
Field Representative
September 2011

Supervisor Gary C. Ovitt kicks off a new Prescription Drug Disposal Program in Chino Hills

This new program created by Supervisor Gary C. Ovitt will allow for residents to bring pharmaceuticals to a secure drop box located within the Chino Hills Police Department so that they will be properly disposed of.

Prescription Drug Disposal BoxEvery year, families find themselves with expired or unused prescription drugs in their homes. Recreational use of these drugs by teenagers has been increasing as they attend parties where many different drugs are mixed together into a “trail mix” and taken with alcohol. This program will allow for parents to remove these drugs from their home.

Seniors are also at risk of accidentally taking medications due to the quantity of prescriptions they take and issues of senility and poor vision. Additionally, families can find themselves dealing with large quantities of prescription drugs after an elderly family member dies. With this program, seniors and family members will be able to safely dispose of these unneeded drugs.

Flushing pharmaceutical drugs down the drain poses a problem for water agencies and the environment which leads to costly removal efforts.

The drug drop off box is located inside of the Chino Hills Police Department at: 14077 Peyton Drive. Chino Hills, CA 91709

Tom King Aerial named Supervisor Ovitt’s Small Business of the Month

Every month Fourth District Supervisor Gary C. Ovitt will be accepting nominations of small businesses that are successfully working to improve our local economy and are making a difference in the community. For June 2011, Chino small business Tom King Aerial Enterprises is being honored.

Tom King Aerial Enterprises opened in 1976 at Chino Airport. They specialize in the advertising that is provided by their planes towing banners. Their planes can be seen flying across the skies of Southern California. Tom King Aerial Enterprises’ planes had the honor of participating in the opening ceremony of the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics by towing banners.

Current owners, Michael and Eveline Vogel pride themselves on how their business helps to promote other businesses and charities. They have owned this business since 2008. Mr. and Mrs. Vogel, live in Chino but are originally from Vienna, Austria.

In the community, they have donated banner and flight time for fundraising events to benefit a young cancer patient fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. They are also proud to have flown a banner over the grand opening ceremony of Oxford Preparatory Academy in Chino.

“San Bernardino County is dependent upon small businesses,” said Supervisor Ovitt. “Owners of small businesses need to be commended and recognized for their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.” Supervisor Ovitt added, “Fantastic small businesses like Tom King Aerial Enterprises and their being based at Chino Airport helps our County succeed.”

Nominated businesses for the Fourth District Small Business Recognition Award need to be located within the Cities of Chino, Chino Hills, Montclair, or Ontario. Small businesses can be nominated by emailing at: SupervisorOvitt@sbcounty.gov or contacting the Ovitt District office at (909) 465-1895. Please include the name of the business, business owner’s name, address, and the reason why you are nominating that small business.

Map of Small Business of the Month

Highlighted County Service for September

The San Bernardino County Grants Office

About Us
The San Bernardino County Grants Office was created in 2006 by the Board of Supervisors to assist county departments and community benefit organizations in applying for grant opportunities to advance the Vision and Mission of the County, which is ultimately to positively serve and enhance the well-being of all residents. While the Grants Office does not offer direct funding for programs, it does offer a variety of grant-related support and resource services to the entire county.

The San Bernardino County Grants Office is part of the County Administrative Office that is located within the San Bernardino County Government Center.

Mission Statement
The mission of the San Bernardino County Grants Office is to support county government and community benefit organizations by fostering organizational capacity for the overall betterment of the community.

Vision Statement
To be a platform to secure additional resources to assist in creating a safe, clean, and healthy environment that appeals to families and individuals, and attracts the best in business and industry.

The goals of the San Bernardino County Grants Office are to:
  • Increase overall sustainability
  • Establish, cultivate, and promote relations
  • Enhance organizational proficiency
  • Provide valuable resources and tools

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