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2010 Community Indicators Report

West Nile Virus

Chino Airport 70th Anniversary

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District Secretary
April 2010

2010 Community Indicators Report

Click the following link to view Supervisor Ovitt's Video:

The Board of Supervisors at a meeting, last fall, issued a contract to the La Jolla Institute for development of a Community Indicators Report (CIR), to annually measure the overall quality of life in San Bernardino County. The Report was completed and released recently.

The Report looks at the County as a 'system' and where the last twenty years have taken us, where we are today, and where we will be twenty years from now. It discusses the economy, housing, health, employment, the business climate, education, public safety, the environment, and civic engagement. It's important that these variables are viewed both as separate entities and how together they make San Bernardino County viable and dynamic.

San Bernardino County has enjoyed years of steady, traditional economic growth. However, years of high expectations have been followed by the challenges and disappointments of becoming the focal point of our nation's economic difficulties. Measuring key health, social, education and economic indicators and evaluating the impacts of these changes, provide a framework to target and address our most critical issues.

The La Jolla Institute is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan institute for policy research, education, and economic development. The focus of the institute is to advance a better understanding of the impact of the new economy and new ways of working with organizations and communities alike.

The CIR is intended to provide citizens and stakeholders with information and analysis of key community indicators and governmental activities reflecting current conditions in the County. Modeled after community indicator reports published around the country, this report provides a timely framework to understand the County as a system and the relationship of key findings. It will serve as a dynamic measurement tool which can support a variety of local and regional initiatives focused on the well-being of the County.

To view the Community Indicators Report, please visit www.sbcounty.gov.

West Nile Virus

Recently we had a massive amount of rain dumped on us. The San Bernardino County Department of Environmental Health is very concerned about West Nile as an increase of green pools are popping up around the County. They will look for green pools and take constituent calls regarding their neighbors and post notices for them to clean up their green pools. If they don't comply then Environmental Health will come in and drain their pool for them but charge them for the staff time.

Supervisor and Board Chairman Gary Ovitt said, “County residents need to remember what a real problem West Nile was last summer and we could easily see a repeat of that this summer because of the recent rains. There has already been one reported West Nile case in Los Angeles County.

By now you have probably heard about West Nile Virus and what a potentially devastating virus it can be. Symptoms often include flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea or fever. But it is a much more serious concern than the common cold or flu virus, especially to elderly people and people with compromised immune systems.

Residents are urged to eliminate standing water to help cut down on mosquito breeding. People should also secure their window screens and wear insect repellent or long pants to help protect themselves when necessary. It is also important to vaccinate horses and livestock. If you notice an infestation of mosquitoes, or if you see a source of standing water or a dead bird, please contact the San Bernardino County Environmental Health Services Department at
(800) 442-2283.

If I may assist you with a county related matter, please contact my District Office at
(909) 465-1895.

Chino Airport 70th Anniversary

Chino Airport (CNO), formerly known as Cal Aero Field, is a general aviation airport, which means it serves private, business, and corporate tenants from all over Southern California. It is rich with history; rooted back to the early 1940's when the airport was home to the Cal Aero Cadets training for World War II.

The Airport has transformed from a training facility for the war effort into a major economic engine for the Southern California region. Chino Airport has over 600 based aircraft, 100 businesses, 2 aircraft museums, the ever popular Flo's Cafe, and 345 days of VFR weather. With room to grow, Chino Airport is your flight to opportunity.

The Department of Airports will mark the 70th anniversary of Chino Airport during the County Planes of Fame Air Show on May 16 and 17 at the airport. This year's theme is "A Salute to the Greatest Generation," honoring the men and women who served in World War II and will include classic war birds from the era, flyovers and other attractions.

Chino Airport is located at 7000 Merrill Avenue in Chino, CDA 91710.

Cal Aero Preserve Academy Branch Library

The Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting for the new Cal Aero Preserve Academy Branch Library took place on Saturday, March 6. The new branch is located at 15850 Main St. in Chino and is a joint-use facility in cooperation with the Chino Valley Unified School District.

The 6.440-square-foot facility is open to students only during school hours. The library then opens to the public and is managed by county library personnel from 3:30 to 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday. The branch will be closed to the public on Friday and Sunday.

The new branch includes ten public-access computers and four catalog computers. Special areas have been set aside for children and for young adults. The opening day collection comprises some 12,000 items, a number enhanced by contributions of books and other materials from other branches in the county system.

The branch also features two special-purpose rooms, one for textbooks only and the other for a Friends of the Library used bookstore.

The library's décor has been chosen with care to reflect the name and unique heritage of the facility. The children's area is dominated by an aircraft-themed fantasy illustration mural nearly 18 feet wide. The computer area features two large photographic murals that depict famous aircraft from the 1930s through the 1950s, including the P-38 Lightning, the P-51 Mustang and the F-86 Sabre Jet.

The branch is located at 15850 Main Street, just below Kimball, south of Chino Airport. For more information, please call (909) 606-8531.