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Biology Search Help

The Biology data presented here consists of indices of mammal, herptile, and bird specimens in the SBCM collections. The lists are a work in progress and some terms may not reflect recent taxonomic changes.

Queries of the databases operate by searching collection records for any string of characters entered in the Search Terms box. Search terms are not case sensitive.

Search Term entered.  Example: Entering the term mojave in a search of the herptile data will return all records that contain that term in any of the data fields, such as Mojave Fringe-toed Lizard and Salvadora hexalepis mojavensis.  Use Search Terms in the Singular form, not plural.  Example:  Use skunk, not skunks.

Partial Terms may be entered in the Search Term box.  Example: Entering the term chr in a search of the bird data will return records of the genus/species Chrysolophus pictus, Vermivora chrysoptera, Oceanodroma homochroa, etc.

Multiple Terms may be entered in the Search Term box, separated by a space.  Example: Entering the terms neotoma desert in a search of the mammal data will return all records containing those terms, such Neotoma lepida (desert wood rat), and Neotoma lepida intermedia (desert wood rat).  This is an "AND" search.

To Narrow the Search, view results of the first search; reenter more exact terms in the Search Term box.

To Sort the retrieved data, single-click on a column heading.  To reverse the sort, click again on the column heading.


Family = The taxonomic family to which a specimen has been identified.
Genus/Species = The specific taxonomic name to which a specimen has been identified.
Common Name = The common name attributed to the specimen.
Synonym = Other taxonomic or common names attributed to the specimen. (Not yet entered for bird data.)
Specimen Count = The unverified number of specimens present in the SBCM collection.

The online database only represents a portion of the collections. More data will be made available through frequent updates of this database. The intent of the online index at this point in time is simply to demonstrate the breadth of the collections. Researchers should direct queries concerning collections to the curatorial staff for more complete information. Also note that electronic collections data are only proxies for actual objects. Although the database is regularly checked for quality its accuracy is not guaranteed.


Sibley, Charles F., and Burt L. Monroe, Jr. 1990. Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Hall, E. Raymond. 1981. Mammals of North America, 2nd edition, Vol. I and II. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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