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Costa’s Hummingbird
(Calypte costae)



Costa’s Hummingbirds are summer residents in California, chiefly from March through September, though some populations in southern California are resident year round. Habitats are typically xerophilous (dry) consisting of deserts or desert like washes, hillsides and mesas. On the coastal side of California, Costa’s Hummingbird can be particularly abundant in Black and White Sage habitats. The male has a deep violet crown and long gorget extending down along the throat. It is one of our smallest hummingbirds being 3 1/2 inches long. Costa’s Hummingbirds nest from sea level to 5,500 feet.

Status: Not protected
Nesting habitat: Desert, semi-arid habitats
Diet: Nectar and invertebrates
Breeding season begins: Mid March
Nest type: Open cup
Typical number of eggs: 2
Incubated by: Female
Nestlings tended by: Female
Migratory: Yes
Active period on the Preserve: May through September (see graph)

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