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Our award-winning Museum n the Road programs offer stimulating experiences for school, libraries, scout groups, and camps. All programs are based on California Content Standards appropriate to your grade level. Call for reservations and detailed information. Choose from the following programs, each one hour in length unless otherwise listed.

All About Bugs: Meet some of our creepy crawly critters. Compare various types of arthropods—insects, arachnids, and others using models and live animals.
All grade levels.

Animal Classification: Using specimens and live animals, discover how to group (classify) a variety of land animals by comparing and contrasting their characteristics and adaptations. All grade levels.

Journey into Serrano Culture: An introduction to traditional Serrano culture includes learning to use the traditional tools that the Serrano used to survive in our area hundreds of years ago. Two-hour program for grades 3 and up.

Reptiles and Amphibians: Learn the differences between snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and toads, and meet some of the museum’s slithering, hopping and crawling critters! All grade levels.

Sea Life: Discover the diversity of sea life. Hands-on specimens make the sights, sounds and smells of the sea come alive. All grade levels.

StarLab Planetarium: Crawl into our inflatable planetarium and learn about the constellations, movement of the stars, and Greek and Native American mythology. All grade levels.

Museum on the Road fees:

  • Most topics: $150 first hour
  • Each additional hour: $125 for same day program
  • Mileage per IRS allowable rate
  • Two-hour minimum may apply to some geographical regions
  • StarLab portable planetarium: $200 first hour, two hour minimum
  • Each additional hour: $125 for same day program
  • Mileage per IRS allowable rate
  • Tabletop presentation: $75 per hour
    (science nights, family open house, library or community center programs, etc)
  • Mileage per IRS allowable rate

Phone (909) 798-8614.


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