Bark Beetles of the Southern California Forests


aggregating pheromone - chemical compound released by an insect (male or female) to attract others of its species.

generation time - the time it takes for an organism to develop from egg to reproductive adult.

host specific - one species (i. e. the Jeffrey pine beetle) lives on or within another specific species (i. e. the Jeffrey pine).

inner bark - the living part of the bark, located closest to the sapwood.

insectivorous - an organism which feeds on insects.

life history - the combined activities and requirements of a species throughout its life, including patterns of development, environmental or habitat requirements. mating strategies, predators and their avoidance, etc.

limiting resource - an essential material required by an organism such that limited quantities of the material limit the ability of the organism to successfully complete its life cycle and reproduce.

niche - the place where an organism lives, including habitat, food resources, nesting resources, behavioral patterns of the organism, and a variety of other resources that are species specific.

phloem - food conducting tissues of trees.

predaceous - an organism that feeds on other living organisms.

sapwood - the living, outer, lighter colored, part of the tree trunk that conducts water through the tree.
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