Bark Beetles of the Southern California Forests

Effects of Bark Beetles on Other Forest Occupants

The bark beetle outbreak, resultant tree mortality and subsequent changes in the structure of the forest through both natural means and human intervention will have long term implications for all of the forest occupants, from the humans living in structured communities to the bacteria and fungi occupying the forest floor. The exact nature of those implications are as of yet unknown. The structural changes in the forest will alter the available niche space and resource base for a multitude of species, both those that live in the forest full time and those who use the forest seasonally. Since all of the forest inhabitants are linked in some way, it is reasonable to speculate they will all be impacted in some way. Some species may benefit from the changes while others may suffer. The forests of Southern California are home to numerous threatened and endangered species. How the changes in the forest structure will impact the animals of the forest is an important question yet to be answered.

merriams_chipmunk Coast Horned Lizard Mountain Chickadee
Merriam's Chipmunk

Coast Horned Lizard

Mountain Chickadee

Western Fence Lizard gray_squirrel (40K) hummingbird (41K)
Western Fence Lizard Western Gray Squirrel Juvenile Hummingbird
San Bernardino County Museum