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1. The discovery of gold in Holcomb Valley in 1860 brought many settlers to the Victorville area.  
2. Barstow was originally called Waterman Junction after the nearby Waterman silver mine.  
3. San Bernardino is nearly 450 times the size of the smallest California county.  
4. San Bernardino is the fourth most populous county in the state.  
5. The 14th longest river in California, the Amargosa, begins in San Bernardino County.  
6. One of the oldest "early man" sites in the United States is at Calico and was excavated by Dr. Leakey.  
7. At is widest point, San Bernardino County is equivalent to the distance between Santa Barbara and the Mexican Border.  
8. San Gorgonio Mountain is the tallest mountain in California.  
9. Thirty-seven mountain ranges provide scenic vistas in the County.  

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