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     1. The movie Bagdad CafĂ© was filmed in Newberry Springs and Ludlow.  
     2. The nation's first three-phase alternating current power plant was built in 1893 on Mill Creek.  
     3. The oldest winery in the state is in Cucamonga.  
     4. Barstow was originally called Waterman Junction after the nearby Waterman silver mine.  
     5. San Bernardino is nearly 450 times the size of the smallest California county.  
     6. San Bernardino County is the largest county in the contiguous states.  
     7. Virgil Earp was sheriff of Colton.  
     8. The Port of Long Beach Foreign Trade Zone is in Ontario.  
     9. Chino has the highest concentration of dairy cows in the world.  
     10. The San Andreas fault created the Cajon Pass between the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains.  
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