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     1. Barstow was originally called Waterman Junction after the nearby Waterman silver mine.  
     2. Father Dumetz of Mission San Gabriel named the San Bernardino valley and mountains in 1810.  
     3. The 14th longest river in California, the Amargosa, begins in San Bernardino County.  
     4. San Bernardino County is home to the world's largest Joshua tree and was home to the largest lodge pole pine tree until the Forest Service blew it up it up with dynamite.  
     5. All points south of San Luis Obispo are measured from San Bernardino peak.  
     6. Three deserts exist in San Bernardino County.  
     7. San Bernardino has geothermal springs within the city limits.  
     8. The San Andreas fault created the Cajon Pass between the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains.  
     9. Calico Ghost Town was once owned by Knott's Berry Farm.  
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