San Bernardino County Library
Computer Use and Internet Access Policy

Please read the following user statement. Clicking the Accept icon below acknowledges your acceptance of the terms of usage.

The San Bernardino County Library provides information resources through the Internet in accordance with its Mission Statement. The Internet offers many useful sources of information, but also provides access to materials that may be offensive or disturbing to some individuals, as well as information which may be factually incorrect or illegal. Although filtering software is installed on all public computers, the library cannot guarantee that users will be unable to access objectionable sites. Neither the Library nor its Internet access providers are responsible for the truth or accuracy of information found on the Internet, nor shall the Library bear any liability for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of information derived from the Internet.

Library patrons are entitled to equal access to public computers, regardless of how they choose to use allotted time, within Library guidelines.

To use a library public computer, patrons must have a current San Bernardino County or Inland Library System card that is not blocked or banned.

  • Library patrons may sign on to public computers using their own library card number for one session per day. Session duration varies by branch.
  • Staff may provide adults or young adults (15-17 years) with their library card number and PIN provided they have proper identification.
  • Requests for children’s information (0-14) must be made with parent or responsible party present. The parent or responsible party must have proper identification.
  • Patrons may print up to five black & white pages from public computers free of charge; subsequent pages are ten cents per page. All color printing is charged at fifty cents per page.
Users may not do the following:
  • Install or run any software from the Internet.
  • Reconfigure systems or software or in any way interfere with the current system set-up.
  • Use any Library workstation for any illegal or criminal purpose.
  • Use any Library workstation to access websites or email containing objectionable or inappropriate materials, such as pornography, nudity, and extreme violence.
  • Violate any laws or software licensing agreements.
  • Harass or otherwise infringe on any patron’s use of the workstation or library.
  • Use a library account that is not their own. Users may be asked to provide identification.

Users who fail to comply with SBCL and branch computer policies may be prohibited from using public computers.

Children's Use Of The Internet:

A minor’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Parents concerned about their children’s use of electronic resources are ultimately responsible for setting standards and guidelines for their children. Parents or designated responsible persons are reminded that in signing for a child’s library card they agree to accept responsibility for “the use of electronic resources, including the Internet” by the children in their care. Juveniles must have a current San Bernardino County library card in order to use the Internet. Although the Library provides filtered Internet access computers, it does not monitor patron usage.

Staff Assistance:

Library staff may assist patrons through suggestion of keywords for searching, instruction in how to print or save to portable storage devices, open word processing or spreadsheets, and in use of the Library website. Patrons are expected to obtain their own training in use of specific computer programs and other computer skills.

Library staff may not make recommendations or assist patrons in entering information of a personal, confidential, or legal nature.

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