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1425 South "D" Street
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0060
(909) 388-5823
(909) 388-5825  FAX

EMS Administrator
Tom Lynch

Medical Director

Reza Vaezazizi, MD

Governing Board
Janice Rutherford, Chair
Robert A. Lovingood
James Ramos
Curt Hagman
Josie Gonzales

Business Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm*

EMS Credentialing Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm*

*Excluding Holidays

2014 Remaining Holidays:

December 24, 25 & 31
2015 Holidays:
January 1 & 19, February 16,
May 25, July 3, September 7,
October 12, November 11, 26 & 27
December 24, 25 & 31


Mission Statement

To ensure an effective system of quality patient care and coordinated emergency medical response by planning, implementing and evaluating an effective emergency medical services system including fire department and public ambulances, prehospital providers and hospitals, including specialty care hospitals, such as trauma and cardiac care hospitals.

What's New


On August 15, 2014, paper applications were discontinued and the online application process was implemented. Select the credentialing portal link when applying for accreditation, authorization, and certification.


AMR San Bernardino County Trains 4,391 People on Compression Only CPR - The second annual American Medical Response (AMR) World CPR Challenge rolled across the U.S. Wednesday, May 21.  AMR teams from 80 operational locations came together for one mission: to teach people how to save a life by learning compression-only CPR. At 175 events in 28 states, AMR professionals trained 61,883 people during the 24-hour event, beating their 2013 record by more than 6,000.

In San Bernardino County AMR trained 4,391.  AMR paramedics, EMTs and support team members trained participants in compression-only CPR at 4 separate training events held in the county; including schools and a baseball game.

ICEMA would like to congratulate AMR who was selected as a silver award winner in 12th Annual American Business Awards in the category of "Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year - More Than 2,500 Employees" for the 2013 AMR World CPR Challenge.  More than 3,300 companies of all sizes and industries were nominated so, being selected as the silver winner is a great honor.  You can read about it in the news release at

While the AMR CPR Challenge is a one-day event, AMR professionals teach compression-only CPR throughout the year.  Contact your local AMR operation to find out where you can learn this lifesaving skill.

2014 NACo Achievement Award for ICEMA Health Information Network - Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency (ICEMA) was recognized by the National Association of Counties (NACo) for its innovative program to improve services to county residents titled "ICEMA Health Information Network".  ICEMA submitted the program in category "health".  The 2014 NACo Achievement Award winners were announced by NACo on June 12, 2014 and are available on the NACo website at for review.  This marks the third such prestigious award ICEMA has received from NACo over the past three years with prior winning submissions from ICEMA that included Cardiovascular "STEMI" Receiving Centers (2012) and the Neurovascular Stroke Receiving Centers (2013).

The ICEMA Health Information Network was created to collect and share information between healthcare providers and organizations participating in patient care throughout San Bernardino County.  Started in 2010, the ICEMA Health Information Network provides a centralized access and collection point for the accumulation of prehospital and specialty care documentation, ensures data consistency and interoperability between EMS providers and enables processes necessary to improve prehospital and specialty care provided in San Bernardino County.

Neurovascular Stroke Receiving Center (NSRC) Award - The National Association of Counties (NACo) recently awarded San Bernardino County and ICEMA with an Achievement Award for its Neurovascular Stroke Receiving Centers (NSRC) program.  The award recognizes the improvements made in patient care through the rapid identification of stroke symptoms and transportation to recognized stroke receiving centers in San Bernardino County.  While this is a county award, it would not have been possible without the dedication and ongoing collaborative efforts from numerous hospitals and EMS providers throughout San Bernardino County.  ICEMA wishes to thank everyone who participated in making this award possible.

ICEMA and State of California Sign Contract for Electronic Data Repository of EMS and Trauma Data - ICEMA and the State of California EMS Authority (EMSA) recently entered into an Agreement to allow ICEMA to serve as a statewide data repository for electronic patient care reports (ePCR) and Trauma reporting for California’s 33 local EMS agencies (LEMSAs).  The data repository will provide a bridge through which data will eventually be reported to NEMSIS (  In 2007, ICEMA deployed its first ePCR data system which collected over a million records from local EMS agencies.  In 2012, ICEMA upgraded its software to ImageTrend’s Rescue Bridge.  This upgrade allows users to have a modern, robust system and includes the ability to report NFIRS data from local Fire Departments.  Additionally, ImageTrend’s patient registry allows for data to be collected for Trauma patients for reporting to the National Trauma Registry at the Federal Level.

This multi-year Agreement will allow ePCR data and Hospital based trauma data to be retained in a single data repository where the latest technology and disaster backup resources are available and ready should the need arise.

ImageTrend, Inc. is an award-winning software company in Lakeville, Minnesota, devoted to maintaining a high level of innovation
, excellence and quality in its products, service and community.  ImageTrend’s Web-based applications serve a variety of industries, including government, medical, human resources, business, education and non-profit organizations.  ImageTrend combines business analysis, creative design and database-driven architecture to offer the best web applications and strategies.

AHRQ's Health Care Innovations Exchange Focuses on Strategies to Address Frequent ED Use  - The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) Health Care Innovations Exchange webpage features three programs that implemented various strategies to provide, manage, and coordinate care and social services for individuals who are frequent emergency department (ED) users.  All three programs led to improved outcomes and reductions in ED use.  The section on Quality Tools includes information about a campaign in Washington State to help reduce preventable ED visits and redirect care to the most appropriate setting; tools for ED staff in managing care for specific groups of ED "super users;" and a toolkit to help organizations plan, develop, and sustain medical respite programs.



ICEMA EMS Credentialing Portal - On August 15, 2014, ICEMA fully implemented its new online EMS Credentialing portal and no longer accept paper applications for accreditation, authorization, and certification.  The EMS Credentialing portal can be accessed by selecting the link ICEMA EMS Credentialing Portal.  

2015 Annual EMSAAC Conference - May 27 & 28, 2015, at Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego. Sponsored by EMS Administrators' Association of California.  Visit the EMSAAC website for upcoming details.

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