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Employee Relations

Our mission is to provide quality employee and labor relations services to managers and employees of the County with a commitment to dedicated service and professional integrity. Employee Relations is responsible for labor negotiations, discipline and grievance administration, compensation administration, as well as administration of the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), Personnel Rules, and employment laws, policies and procedures.

Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with salary schedules

Attorney MOU - 2014-2017  
Amendment 1 - 03/03/09 -
Retirement Incentive Program

General MOU - 2014-2017  
06/28/14 -  Supervisory Nurses Unit Salary Schedule

In-Home Support Services (IHSS) Provider Unit MOU - 2013 - 2014  

Nurses Unit and Per Diem Nurses Unit MOU - 2014 - 2017  

Probation MOU - 2015-2017  

Professional Unit - BOS Agenda Item - 07-08-2014
  Salary schedule for employees receiving the 7% retirement pick-up
  Extended salary schedule for employees receiving the 7% retirement pick-up
  Salary schedule for all other employees
  Extended salary schedule for all other employees

Safety MOU - 2012-2016  
Amendment 1 - 06/08/09 -  Agreement on Cost-Saving Measures

Safety Management and Supervisory MOU - 2011-2015
Amendment 1 - 06/08/09 -  Agreement on Cost-Saving Measures

Specialized Peace Officer Unit & Specialized Peace Officer - Supervisory Unit MOU 2015-2017

Exempt Compensation Plan:

Exempt Compensation Plan - 2008-2011

03/03/09 -  Retirement Incentive and VTO
12/07/10 - Leave Provisions
05/03/11 – Benefit Plan Contribution/Retirement Pickup/Step Advancements
03/21/2015 – Exempt Compensation Plan – Classification List
03/21/2015 – Exempt Compensation Plan – Salary Table

Other Jurisdictions:

Special Districts

Exempt Compensation Plan 2015
Non-Represented Employee Compensation Plan 2015
Water and Sanitation IBEW MOU 2015-2017

County Fire

Emergency Services Unit MOU 2014-2017
Exempt Compensation Plan 2015
Fire Management MOU 2015-2017
Firefighters, Local 935 MOU 2014-2016
General Fire Support MOU 2014-2017
Non-Represented Employee Compensation Plan 2015
Specialized Fire Services Unit MOU 2013-2016

Additional Documents and Resources:

Employee Relations Ordinance
2006 Supervisor's Guide to Employee Relations
Personnel Rules 2010
HRO Staff Assignments
Standards of Dress and Grooming

Employee Relations Division
157 West Fifth Street, First Floor | San Bernardino, CA 92415-0440
(909) 387-5564

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