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Employee Benefits
Perfect Attendance Program

It pays to be at work! Earn Perfect Attendance Leave (PAL) or an annual health club membership for perfect attendance at work.

How to Qualify

The County's Perfect Attendance Program rewards employees who have not used the following for the calendar year:

  • Sick Leave (SCK)
  • Sick Family Leave (SCKFM)
  • Absent without pay leave (WOPSP, WOPUA, WOPSK)

Qualification for Perfect Attendance is determined by the payroll system in cooperation with the department payroll specialist. If you do not receive a Perfect Attendance notification letter and election form, please check first with the department payroll specialist.

Definition of Calendar Year

For bargaining units that participate in the Perfect Attendance Program, the calendar year is:

From pay period 1 through
pay period 26 or 27,
when applicable, of the same year

Pay period 1 is actually for time worked in December of the previous year. Here are a couple of examples:

Employee A

Employee B

If Employee A began employment in January of 2010, he or she is not eligible for rewards in 2010 because he or she was not employed during pay period 1.

If Employee B was hired in December of 2009, he or she is eligible for Perfect Attendance rewards for 2010.

Refer to your specific MOU for more information.


Employees who meet the criteria are eligible for Perfect Attendance rewards. You can choose one of the following rewards:

Perfect Attendance Leave (PAL)

Eligibility requirements:

  • Employees who do not utilize any sick time in a calendar year (i.e., pay period 1 through pay period 26 or 27, when applicable, of the same year), and who do not record any sick leave without pay or absent without pay during that year, will accrue 16 hours of Perfect Attendance Leave (PAL), for use in the next calendar year.
  • Regular full-time employees who are eligible will receive 16 hours of PAL.
  • Exempt employees in Groups C and D who are eligible will receive 16 hours of PAL.
  • Preschool Services Department contract employees who are eligible will receive eight hours of PAL.

You have until the end of pay period 26 to use your PAL time. Otherwise, the time is forfeited. Perfect Attendance Leave may not be cashed out.

Annual Health Club Membership

Be sure to complete the election form provided to you by the specified date to receive the gym membership. Otherwise, you will automatically receive PAL time.

Employees eligible for this option may receive a 12-month prepaid membership in a participating 24 Hour Fitness facility (All Club Sport Access, excluding Super Sport and Ultra Sport Clubs) or a participating LA Fitness facility (All Club Access, Signature Clubs excluded).

Or, you may be reimbursed up to $324 for a one-year paid membership in a Human Resources-approved facility. A health facility that offers a variety of Nautilus-type equipment or exercise classes constitutes an approved health facility.

If You Have Questions

Call EBSD at 1-909-387-5787 for more information.


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