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Employee Benefits
Long-Term Disability Plan

Long Term Disability is a County-paid benefit that provides partial income replacement for Fire Management Unit Exempt employees that are unable to work due to a non work-related disability. The benefit pays 60% of your monthly salary up to $10,000 per month.

Payments begin after 180 days of disability. Benefits are paid according to the following schedule:

Age When Disability Benefits
Become Payable

Maximum Duration of Benefits

59 or younger

To Age 65

Ages 60 – 64

5 years

Ages 65 – 67

To age 70

Age 68 and over

2 years

Benefit payments may NOT be fully or partially integrated with other paid time.

For further information contact EBSD at 1-909-387-5787.

To file a claim

Call The Standard, the County's disability provider, at 1-844-239-3560 from 4 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST,
Monday – Friday, or file a claim online at

If You Have Questions

If you have questions, please call:

  • Employee Benefits and Services Division at 1-909-387-5787
  • Your Payroll Specialist
  • The Standard at 1-844-239-3560

For more information about the Long Term Disability program, review the plan document.



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