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Water conservation is essential to our future in drought-stricken Southern California. Landscaping consumes 70% of household water use, according to some estimates. But this can be significantly reduced with water-efficient landscaping.

Water-efficient landscaping goes well beyond cacti. There are many varieties of water friendly plants that are just as lush, colorful and fragrant as water-intensive landscaping. Some plants to consider are California Native or California Friendly plants. California Native plants are indigenous to the region and grow naturally here. California Friendly plants are not native to California but thrive in our Mediterranean climate. Once these plants are established, they require little to no irrigation or fertilization and are resistant to most pests and insects, making them great choices for water-efficient landscapes.

If you’re ready for a complete transformation, be sure to consider the layout of the area, plant selection, soil preparation, and the irrigation system. You should check your irrigation system regularly for leaks or broken parts; you should also aerate your lawn and mulch your plant beds to maximize water absorption.

Consult your local water agency or contact a water-efficient landscaper for more information on water-efficient landscaping and available rebates.

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