San Bernardino County residents and business owners want to lower their utility bills as much as possible, and Green County San Bernardino aims to help. Under the program, and as funding allows, the County waives up to $5,000 in building permit fees for projects that make an existing home or business more energy efficient, such as the installation of solar panels, wind-generated electrical systems, tankless water heaters, or highly energy efficient heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Within the first ten months of the program, the County waived more than 80 building permit fees, saving residents and business owners over $100,000. Taking advantage of the Green County San Bernardino building permit fee waiver is simple. Just submit your plans to a conveniently located County Land Use Department. Don’t forget to ask your utility company about rebates and other incentives for energy efficiency projects at your home or business.
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