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This division provides routine maintenance, snow removal and storm recovery operations on County maintained roads. It also has the responsibility to issue permits for the use of the road right-of-way and inspect new roads before acceptance into the maintained system. To accomplish these functions, the division is divided in two regional maintenance sections (Valley/Mountain Region and Desert Region), an Administration Support Unit, an Engineering Support Section.

The two regional maintenance sections are supported by resources from the Transportation Support Crew Section under Flood Control Operations. They perform road maintenance and construction on roads in the County Maintained Road System (CMRS) and includes such work as debris removal, snow removal, and emergency traffic control during storms or emergencies; routine maintenance, such as pothole patching or other pavement repairs and grading dirt roads and shoulders of paved roads; construction projects, such as grading and paving new roads, overlaying and/or widening of existing roads; and construction of minor drainage improvements.

The Engineering Support Section provides engineering support to the regional maintenance sections and developing, processing, administering, and issuing: encroachment, construction, excavation, moving, special event, and tree removal permits on a routine basis. Other duties include coordination of road closures and permit activities with Contracts and Operations personnel, other public agencies and public utilities; preparing written reports on permit matters; investigating and reporting on permit violations and complaints; revising or developing permit procedures as recommended by the Department director and/or the Board of Supervisors. The solution also performs permit and utility inspections; subdivision construction inspections to insure that roads in new developments are constructed to County standards and specifications; maintaining permit inspection plans, reports and files; managing bond records for approved projects that deal with routine bond items, extensions and foreclosures; also coordinates items with County Counsel and testifies in court on foreclosures matters. It is also responsible for coordinating with the County Office of Emergency Services, State Office of Emergency Services, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency in planning for emergencies and obtaining reimbursement for damages incurred during declared disasters.

The Administration Support Unit provides Administration Services for all division functions and operates the department radio base station. It receives records and distributes customer requests for service and provides data entry for numerous recurring reports.

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