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The following Department of Public Works-Transportation Design Standards and Land Development design templates are available for downloading.
For a complete set of standards, please contact the Land Development Section at (909) 387-8145.
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County Standard Plats
Side walk Standard 109 Local Depression-203 Post Installation-303b Half Width Local Road - 111
Curb Return with Ramp 110
--revised Mar 2006
Local Depression 202A Desert Road Street Marker - 303c Hillside Paved Road - 114c
Cul-de-sac- 120 Local Depression-203B Marker-304 Industrial Collector-103b
8 Inch Curband Gutter 115 Manhole Frame and Cover -Parkway-204 Marker-304A Intersection Design Desert Rd-107
6 Inch Curb and Gutter 116 36 Inch Manhole Frame and Cover-205 Barricade Urban-305 Intersection Design Frontage St-105
Asphalt Dike 117 Type A Catch Basin-206 End of Street-305a Local St-104
Traversable Asphalt Dike 117a Catch Basin Opening-206a Barricade Rural-305B Local St-104a
Cross Gutter 119 Steel Step-206B Road Closure Barricade-305C Major Arterial-100a
Residential Driveway Approach with Curb 128 Storm Drain Clean out-208 Road Closed Barricade- Detour305D Major Divided Hwy-100
Residential Driveway Approach without Curb 128a Head wall Wing-Type-209 Partial Road Closure-305E MajorHwy-101
Commercial Driveway Approach with Curb 129 Head wall Type U-209A Partial Road Closure Barricade 305F Paved Rd-114a
Commercial Driveway Approach without Curb 129a Curb Outlet Structure-210 Post with Reflector-306 Paved Rd-114b
Commercial Driveway with Returns-129B--revised dec 2005 Outlet Structure-210A Traffic Striping-307a-d  -revised dec 2005 Major Arterial-100B
Driveway Spacing-130 Parkway Culver tw/steelPlate Cover-211 Fire Hydrant Location-310 Secondary Hwy-102
Driveway Grades-131 Right-of-way Fence-300 Trap Channel-SP192E Major Hwy-102A
Cut off Wall Channel-200 Block Wall-Non Retaining-301 Frontage Road & Street-106 Collector St-103
Channel Crossing-200a Retaining Wall-301a Frontage Road & Street-106a Off set cul-de-sac-120A
Gravity Headwall-201 Block Wallat Intersection 302 -revised dec 2005 Graded Road-114 Intersection Design-121-121A
Catch Basin Mountains 202 Street Marker-303 Half-Width DesertRoad-112 Alley-125
Catch Basin Mountains 202a Street Marker-303a Half-Width Desert Road-113 Curbcutoffwall-127
      Underground Utility
Location -311
      Manhole Apron-paved

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