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The primary transportation function of the Department is operation, maintenance, and improvements of the County Road System that currently includes approximately 2,767 miles of roadways. Additional major activities are administration, planning, design, construction, and traffic operations. Management and technical activities are centered in the City of San Bernardino office. Maintenance functions are provided through 15 yard districts with regional facilities located to best serve the 20,000-square-mile area of the County.

Routine maintenance activities of the Department include: patching and crack filling of approximately 7,000 lane miles of asphalt pavement; grading of 533 miles of unpaved roads; shoulder maintenance; plowing snow on approximately 450 miles of mountain roads; traffic signal maintenance at 50 intersections; roadside weed abatement in urban areas; traffic sign, and pavement striping maintenance throughout the system; storm repairs and clean up; maintenance of 38 bridges and thousands of metal pipe and concrete box culverts; and maintenance of drainage facilities such as inlets, ditches, dikes, and gutters.

Many other road improvements are accomplished through cooperative efforts with other public agencies. Such cooperation provides funding opportunities and economy of constructions as well as improved services to the traveling public. Agencies involved in such efforts are cities within the county, special districts, federal, state, regional agencies, and utility companies.

New roads to service developing areas are usually constructed by developers at no cost to the county and then accepted into the County Maintained Road System for maintenance by the Transportation/Flood Control Department.

For Information Regarding The County Maintained Road System Click Here. (PDF 1MB)


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