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Solid Waste Disposal Fee Information
Pricing Effective July 1, 2015
Payment for waste disposal at sites is by cash, Visa, MasterCard or as otherwise provided by ordinance. Fees for waste disposal at all County sites are:
  • $13.39 for up to 300 pounds of ordinary residential waste
  • $59.94 per ton for residential waste 301 pounds or more (prorated)
  • $5.31 per tire up to nine (9) per load
  • Uncovered/unsecured loads are subject to an additional charge that doubles your disposal fee. (Click HERE to view a properly covered load)
Add On Fees

Add on fees are in addition to the above waste disposal fees:

  • Hard-To-Handle Fee-per ton: $53.14
  • Hard-To-Handle minimum load (less than 2,000 lbs): $26.57
  • Special Handling Fee-per ton: $53.14
  • Special Handling minimum load (less than 2,000 lbs): $26.57
  • Uncovered/unsecured loads are subject to an additional charge that doubles your disposal fee (Click HERE to view a properly covered load)

Note: All fees paid in cash will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar. Rates shown include State fee, perchlorate surcharge, waste diversion program and disposal.

Unacceptable Materials

General Guidelines

  • Hazardous wastes such as liquid, semi-solid or solid wastes which are toxic, corrosive, flammable, explosive, infectious, an irritant, or a strong sensitizer (causing allergic reaction), and which constitute a high degree of hazard to beneficial air, water and ground uses.*
  • Liquid waste in any form (septic waste is accepted at Landers and Barstow landfills).
  • Sealed containers of any type.
  • Hot ashes or burning materials.
  • Items over ten (10) feet in length at landfills and over four (4) feet in length at transfer stations.
  • Items containing mercury and/or lead such as household batteries, watch-type batteries, fluorescent tubes, thermostats and thermometers.*
  • Medical Waste including sharps.
  • Any waste not acceptable for disposal at a Class III disposal site.
  • Treated wood (accepted only at the Mid-Valley Landfill in Rialto).
  • Waste from outside of San Bernardino County.
  • Televisions, computer monitors or other devices containing a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) at sites without a scale house.
* More info on the safe disposal/recycling of this material is available here: County Fire Electronic Waste Flyer

If you are unsure, please call the SWMD office, 909-386-8701.

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