Town of Apple Valley

City of Hesperia

County of San Bernardino

City of Victorville


I'm a stormwater trooper

The Mojave River Watershed Group (MRWG), in partnership with Fort Irwin’s wildlife biologist Dr. Mike Glassey, P.h.D., conduct free environmental assemblies for schoolchildren throughout Victorville, Hesperia, the Town of Apple Valley, and select unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County. These 60-minute interactive assemblies feature live animals, games, and connect students to their surroundings. Our assemblies teach schoolchildren how to protect High Desert landscapes, animals and the watershed.

We encourage children to start helping protect the Mojave River Watershed as a family at home by picking up pet waste and properly storing left over paint, pesticides or fertilizer.

The learning doesn’t stop there. Teachers are provided a curriculum packet full of fun activities for the classroom or at home along with free pencils made of recycled money for students!

The goal of the program is to recruit “Stormwater Troopers” - motivated students who are environmentally conscientious. Children are encouraged to change their habits and influence the behavior of those around them. This promotes empowerment, guiding students to grow into concerned adults who take an active role in their communities. 

To reserve an engaging and interactive school assembly presentation, or if you are interested in learning more about stormwater pollution prevention or water-related science fair ideas for your child, please contact Angela Meluski by phone at (909) 384-8188 or by email at


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