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         Meet MRWG


Hello! Welcome to the home of the Mojave River Watershed Group (MRWG) – an organization that is committed to the protection of the Mojave River, its Watershed, plants and wildlife, and the quality of our regularly used High Desert water against the adverse effects of stormwater pollution.

Our team is comprised of representatives from the cities of Hesperia and Victorville, the Town of Apple Valley, and the County of San Bernardino. We are all dedicated to leading a stormwater pollution revolution by influencing behavior change in community leaders, residents, business owners and schoolchildren to reduce stormwater pollution.

Protecting the High Desert community is easy! We encourage you to browse our site to learn about Best Management Practices (BMPs) and pollution prevention tips. We’re confident you’ll find that simple changes in everyday behavior go a long way to protect our Mojave River and its Watershed.

Need a Definition for Stormwater Pollution?

No problem. Let us explain.

Stormwater Pollution in the High Desert: water that becomes polluted by litter, pesticides, fertilizer, motor oil, pet waste and more, and flows directly over land and roads to the Mojave River or into an untreated stormdrain system. This water is contaminated and harmful to the health of our families and local wildlife.

Get to Know MRWG

  • Stop by our booth, say hello and sign a pledge form – we’ll keep you posted on all of the High Desert community events we plan to attend!
  • Get up close and personal with High Desert bugs, birds and snakes - Schedule an interactive assembly full of games, prizes and LIVE animals for your students today!
  • Take your child’s Science Fair Project to the next level – work one on one with a stormwater pollution expert to create a project that will impress the judges.
  • Calling all Troop and Scout leaders! Who knew picking up trash could be so fun? Your scouts can earn a unique patch or badge if you schedule a community clean-up event with our team.
  • Be the best boss you can be! Set your employees up for success by scheduling a stormwater pollution prevention training – we’ll share easy BMPs in 10 minutes or less! What’s more – employees can be winners through our new Secret Shopper Program!
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